User Manual


If you're using OnSong Pro as a base plan, you may have purchased add-ons that were previously available in OnSong. In that event, you retain access to those add-on features. This screen allows you to view and restore those purchases including:

  • Console allows you to use a modern web browser on a computer or device to manage your OnSong library and enter songs.
  • Drawing enables the ability to make marks and drawings on any song content in your OnSong library.
  • MIDI Integration makes OnSong a powerful, context-aware MIDI controller for automating your instruments and effects on-stage. This is included with OnSong Pro if purchased on or after mid-2016.
  • Scenes allows you to control stage lighting as well as custom media and lyrics projection settings on a per song or section basis. This is included with OnSong Pro if purchased in 2019 or later.

Add-ons are no longer available for sale as they are included in an OnSong Premium subscription along with many new and upcoming features.

Restore Past Purchases

Purchased add-ons appear with a checkmark beside the purchase. If you have previously purchased add-ons that have not been activated, you can tap on the Restore Past Purchases button at the bottom of this screen to cause the App Store to sign in, check your purchase history, and return applicable purchases to OnSong.

Soundbanks are included with all versions of OnSong and are no longer listed.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on August 18, 2020