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User Manual

Add Moment

This menu lets you add the following items to your set.


This option lets you pull songs into your sets. This will let you choose from your books, or pick songs directly.


There are preset moments that you can add to your set. Choosing one of these options will automatically fill out the moment's title and icon and open the Moment Editor where you can set a color or duration for the moment.

Presets include:

  • Announcement for reminding you to let your audience know about upcoming happenings.
  • Break is used if the band is taking some time.
  • Donation can be used for passing the collection plate.
  • Drama is used for when a skit of theatrical production should occur.
  • Note can be used to instruct you or your team about something that should be done.
  • Media is used to display video or presentations.
  • Message indicates that someone will give instruction, sermon, or speech.
  • Reading is used for when someone will read a poem or scripture.
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