User Manual

Typical Days

After you have a few sets in your library, OnSong may determine that you schedule your sets on typical days and prompt if you would like to schedule sets on these days. This eliminates an additional step of selecting the day in the future that you are going to play. However, you can always change the typical days that you schedule events in this screen.

You can tap each day of the week to select or deselect. If you deselect all days of the week, or select all days of the week, OnSong will automatically use today's date for your set. Otherwise, OnSong will schedule the set automatically for the next day of the week that is selected. For instance, if you are creating your set on Thursday, September 1st and your typical days are Friday and Sunday, then OnSong will schedule the set automatically to the next Friday, September 2nd. Creating a set on a typical day will result in the set being created for that day.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on August 29, 2022