User Manual

Choose Key

The choose key menu lets you to pick a different key to set as metadata in the song's metadata. This will be the declared key of the song in which it is written.

Choosing Keys

Tap on the key in the list to set as the metadata of the song. Keep in mind that the key that is declared for the song must match the chords that comprise the song. If you want to transpose a song, you will want to either rewrite the song into a different key using the Rewrite Into Key Menu, or transpose the song using the Style Preferences Menu.

Detecting Keys

If you do not know the key of the song but do have chords, you can tap on the Detect button to have OnSong determine the best key for the song based on the chords that have been specified.

Minor Keys

At the bottom of the menu is a toolbar that allows you to toggle between major and minor keys.

Note: When you pick a key, the song is not rewritten into that key. Only the metadata is changed. To change the key in which the song is written, use the Rewrite Into Key Menu.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on November 25, 2016