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User Manual


The servers tab will display servers on the OnSong local network including yourself.

Connecting to Servers

Tap on a server in this list to connect yourself. This will open a prompt on the server giving the leader an opportunity to accept the connect or deny it.

Reading the API

If you tap on yourself in this list, a web browser will open with the OnSong Connect API documentation. This can be used to allow developers to create apps that work with OnSong. You can access the API documentation here.

Becoming a Server

At the bottom of the screen is a switch called Share your library with others. Turn this on to become a server yourself. After a brief moment you will be added to the list above.


The recycle button in the lower right corner is designed to remove any and all "hooks" that are attached to you. Hooks are how OnSong sends content to clients. This button will also clear the current whitelist of approved devices requiring you to approve connection of those devices.

Press this button to disconnect everything and reset your server. You must then reconnect to clients in the Devices tab.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on November 18, 2018