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User Manual

Inline Editing

Text-based annotations like sticky notes and text annotations can now be editing inline. That means that you don't need to open a separate editor and you can just make those changes in real-time in the song viewer.

To do this, tap on the annotation to select it. Once selected, tap again to place the text cursor. If you are using a device without an external keyboard, the on-screen keyboard will appear. OnSong will move the annotation so that typing is visible in the space not taken up on the screen by the keyboard. You can then make your changes and close the keyboard when you're finished. Your text changes will be automatically saved. If you are typing into a sticky note, the text will be retained inside of the confines of the note and the font will shrink if needed. If you are typing in a text annotation, the size of the annotation will expand to hold the text in the font size you've selected.

By default, OnSong still uses editors for these annotations types when you first create them, or when double-tapping or double-clicking to edit. You can change this behavior to always use inline editing, or to never use it in Settings » Menu Settings » Annotations.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on May 2, 2023