User Manual


Sometimes chords and lyrics are not enough to communicate how to play a song. In that case, the annotations menu can help. Tap on the additions icon in the menubar to access the annotations tab. Annotations are notes or drawings that can be placed on the chord chart. OnSong includes the following annotation options in this menu:

Annotation Library

Use the context menu on annotations to place them into your annotations library. You can then open the library to add those saved annotations to other documents.


Clips let you import pictures or create graphics, crop them to place on your chord charts and sheet music.


The drawing annotation lets you draw on the page using a pen or highlighter.

Sticky Note

The sticky note annotation allows you to place colored, square notes on the page.


The text annotation lets you break out of the sticky note box and just type on the page.

Clear All

Tapping on this option will remove all annotations from the song page. You are prompted before this takes place since it is not reversible.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on May 3, 2023