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User Manual

QR Code

OnSong can generate QR code images that can be scanned using mobile phone cameras to link to websites and configurations. Here's how:


You can choose between the following types of QR codes. This will change what information is entered in the details section.

  • Website will open a website within the OnSong app.
  • WiFi Configuration will prompt for network information.


Fields are displayed here for creating the QR code. For instance, if you choose the Website type, you can enter the URL or web address. If you've selected the WiFi Configuration type, you'll enter details such as SSID, username and password to automatically configure a device to attach to the WiFi network.


After you enter details, the QR code will be generated for you to review and test if needed. You can then tap Done to use the QR code in a clip.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on April 26, 2023