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User Manual


The share menu is the built-in activities menu in iOS/iPadOS which provides access to all available apps and actions.


Here you some standard apps available to share the media items to:

  • AirDrop the files to another device over peer-to-peer WiFi.
  • Messages to send as an iMessage attachment.
  • Mail to email the attachments.
  • More allows you to pick other apps that have been registered to open these sorts of files.


You can also select from actions available in the system or through OnSong:

  • Copy will place the content into the clipboard for pasting.
  • Export will open the Export Menu allowing you to export using the OnSong export interface.
  • Add To OnSong will import the files into your OnSong library which would be an odd choice, but you're free to choose!
  • Save To Files allows you to save the reports to storage locations or drives connected to the Files app.
OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on December 12, 2019