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User Manual

Page Editor

Tapping on a thumbnail of a page displays the editing toolbar where you can access a number of tools including:


This tool loads the photo that was taken and displays the selection as a rectangle shape. You can use tap and drag on the four corners to better crop the page as well as make corrections for perspective distortion. During this process, you may also opt to try again by tapping on the Retake button. Keep in mind that the document scanner cannot adjust for curvature in the pages, only perspective correction.

Color Mode

Tap on the color mode button to choose from a different color mode including:

  • Color is a full color scan and is useful for showing high-contrast text along with colors. This may sacrifice accurate color reproduction for better legibility of text.
  • Grayscale is used for documents that are printing with black, but may have various levels of shading.
  • Black & White is used for text-only documents and may result in higher contrast and become easier to convert into text-based documents using optical character recognition.
  • Photo is used for scanning photographs and will result in the use of more accurate color, but is not good for scanning textual documents.


Use this tool to rotate the scan into the proper orientation. Tapping on this tool shows you the cropped and perspective-corrected scan and lets you rotate it by 90 degrees.


If you've accidentally scanned a page you don't want, just tap on the trash can icon to delete the page.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on January 20, 2020