User Manual

Making Adjustments

As you're getting started scanning pages, there are a few controls on the side or bottom of the screen you can use to make a great scan from the beginning.


The first option is to enable flash when taking the photograph for the scan. The default option is auto which determines if flash should be used by evaluating lighting conditions. You can also tap on this to turn flash on or off.

Color Mode

This option lets you choose the color mode to use when taking the scan. By the default, the scanner will take the picture using full color. You can choose from the following options:

  • Color is a full color scan and is useful for showing high-contrast text along with colors. This may sacrifice accurate color reproduction for better legibility of text.
  • Grayscale is used for documents that are printing with black, but may have various levels of shading.
  • Black & White is used for text-only documents and may result in higher contrast and become easier to convert into text-based documents using optical character recognition.
  • Photo is used for scanning photographs and will result in the use of more accurate color, but is not good for scanning textual documents.

Shutter Mode

The document scanner will automatically take a picture when it detects a rectangle and determines that a good scan can be made. You can enable Manual shutter mode which will require you to take the picture using the button on the screen instead.

OnSong 2022 — Last Updated on January 20, 2020