User Manual

Pitch Pipe

Not all of us have perfect pitch. So what do you do if you need to start a song vocally or perform a song a capella? For that, OnSong features a pitch pipe to play notes that get you started.


OnSong will play the notes of the key of a song without requiring any setup. For instance, if your song is in Am, the notes A, C, and E are played back in a middle octave.

You can also set notes to play back using the pitch tag in Metadata of the OnSong or ChordPro file formats.

Playing the Pitch

To play the pitch, you need to set a Hot Corner, Navigation Zone or Foot Pedal to initiate the pitch playback.

Using Pitch

While it's common to hear a pitch played from a pitch pipe before an a capella performance, you can also send the output of your device to the mixing channel of your in-ear monitoring system, or send it as a mono channel to a source board. This setup, like the metronome feature, allows you and your team to hear the pitch without the audience hearing it.

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