User Manual

Portable Network Graphics (PNG)

Portable Network Graphic or PNG files are used to replace older graphic image formats on the web. They are becoming more common in new devices because of their higher quality, lossless compression, and are not encumbered by third-party royalty fees.


While OnSong can read PNG files, it may not display properly depending on size and complexity of the image. OnSong recommends a scan setting of 100 DPI greyscale if you intend to use scanned paper documents in OnSong. Since a chord chart may span more than one page, you may choose to scan as a PDF document for better results.

Scanned Chord Charts

If the image is in a portrait orientation, or if the scan is landscape and the average color of all four corners has an average brightness greater than 93%, then the image is considered a chord chart.

Lyrics Projection Backgrounds

If the image is in the landscape orientation and not consider to be a paper scan, then the image is imported into your image media library. You can then use that background in the External Video Menu using the Background Image Picker toggle button.

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