User Manual

Screen Mirroring

When you connect an external video device to an iOS device, it mirrors the content of your screen directly onto the other video device. This is great for sharing what you see on the screen with others. Use this for giving presentations, or with video capture software to create tutorials.

OnSong takes control of any connected video device for projecting lyrics or displaying music charts on stage. This allows OnSong to use the entire screen, as well as control resolution and orientation. User interface components don't get in the way either.

If you want to prevent OnSong from taking over the display and use the built-in screen mirroring found in iOS, go into Settings » Live Settings » External Video » Screen Mirroring and turn this on and tap Done. When you are done with your presentation or recording a video tutorial, you can turn this back on.

Note: You may need to restart OnSong for this to take effect.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on December 31, 2019