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User Manual

Lyrics Projection

Doing more with less is one of the core tenants of OnSong. It keeps you organized on a sleek and mobile device, and provides all the tools you need right when you need them at an incredibly low price. It should come as no surprise that OnSong features lyrics projection too.

Many Uses

While larger churches already have expensive lyrics projection software and equipment, smaller and mobile churches can benefit from lyrics projection in OnSong. For instance, your small group or house church may use OnSong to lead worship and display lyrics on an HDTV.

Music therapists have been using lyrics projection to help their clients sing again. Whether it's to bring people into worship, or to help people heal from disease, lyrics projection is a powerful tool that lets you control lyrics while playing live.


You can configure lyrics projection using the External Video Menu. From there you can set up different modes, as well as background colors, images, or even motion videos. There are also other options and settings located in Settings � Live Settings � External Video � Lyrics Projection.

Hands-Free Operation

Once you've connected a video device (HDTV, projector, etc.) to the device running OnSong, you can tap on the sections of lyrics you want to display on the external video device. Another method is to use the hands-free features of OnSong to control lyrics as well.

Arrange your songs from the top down using Flow and then use Autoscroll to have the song scroll from the top to the bottom over a certain amount of time. This will also select the sections as they come into view and display lyrics!

For even more control, use foot pedals. If you are using foot pedals in addition to lyrics projection, OnSong will scroll the song by jumping from section to section. If you are using other pedal models, you can set up OnSong to scroll by section in the Foot Pedal Settings Menu found in the Foot Pedal Setup Screen.

Motion Graphics

You have the option to configure colors, gradients, custom images, and even motion graphics as your background. Images can be imported from your photo library, and motion graphics can be added or even purchased via the Image Media Picker.

On The Mac

Lyrics projection takes on even more power on the Mac. You can toggle lyrics windows on and off and place them on external displays full screen. To do this, use the Window menu in the system menubar.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on April 11, 2022