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User Manual

Digital A/V Adapter

The digital A/V adapter allows you to connect your device to an HDMI cable and then to a video device like an HDMI splitter, projector, or HDTV.

USB-C Port

The latest pro-level iOS devices feature a new USB-C connector which provides for more connectivity options. If you are wanting to connect to HDMI devices, purchase the USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter

Lightning Port

Most iOS devices feature the smaller and reversible Lightning port. Be sure to get the Apple Lightning to Digital A/V Adapter.

30-pin Dock Connector

If you have an older device with a 30-pin adapter, you'll need the Apple Dock Connector Digital A/V Adapter.

Both devices also include an additional port to charge the device while in use. Only the 30-pin model allows you to also synchronize to the device through the USB cable.

Use Apple-branded video adapters only. Cheaper devices are not supported by iOS and may not fully support second-screen capabilities or native resolutions.

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