User Manual

Video Devices

Connecting your device to a projector or HDTV requires some extra equipment. This depends on the device that you have and the application. Pick one of the options below:


Stream video content from your iOS device to an HDTV or projector wirelessly using AirPlay. This requires an AppleTV connected to an HDTV and a reliable WiFi connection. No Internet connection is required.

Digital A/V Adapter

You can hard-wire your device to any video output that supports HDMI connectors. Purchase the adapter from Apple for the device you have. Third-party devices are not supported by iOS.

VGA Adapter

If you have an older monitor system or projector, you may need to resort to an analog VGA connection. Purchase the appropriate adapter for your device.

Note: Devices older than the first generation iPad do not support external video devices. The first generation iPad does not support video over AirPlay.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on October 31, 2017