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User Manual

Enabling AirPlay

Enabling AirPlay is slightly different on devices depending on their iOS version. Follow the instructions below to enable AirPlay video.

iOS 7 and later

Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access the control center. Tap on the AirPlay button that appears when connected to a WiFi network with an AirPlay device. Next, tap on the device that you would like to connect to. For video-enabled devices like Apple TV, you must then turn on the Mirroring switch that appears. This will send the video of the device to the Apple TV.

iOS 6 and earlier

In iOS 6 and earlier versions, double press on the home button to open the multitasking tray. Swipe to the left to reveal playback controls as well as an AirPlay button. Repeat the steps above to select the device and enable mirroring.

Audio Only

You can also connect in the same way to audio devices. For instance, you can use an AirPort Express as a WiFi access point and to stream audio wirelessly.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on October 8, 2014