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User Manual


One advantage to how Console works is that no connection to the public Internet is required. OnSong Console runs directly on your device and uses WiFi to wirelessly connect to your computer. Though this is a great advantage, there are times where you still may run into some issues. Here are some requirements for using OnSong Console.

Any iOS device running OnSong 1.989
OnSong Console was first added to OnSong in version 1.989. This means that you will need to be running the latest version of OnSong to have the ability to run Console. Because Console turns your device into a web site, you will need to have your device turned on and OnSong running in order to connect.
Desktop or laptop computer
The idea with OnSong Console is to allow you to connect to the library on your device from a full size computer such as a desktop-class workstation or laptop. While these machines don't need to be overly powerful, we do recommend a modern operating system capable of running the latest web browsers. Your computer can run Windows, Mac OS X or Linux as long as it's running a supported web browser.
Connection to a local area network
You typically connect your iPad or iPhone to a WiFi network to access the Internet, or to access other resources at your location such as network printers or Smart TVs. OnSong Console is no different. The connection between your device and your computer is created because both devices are attached to the same network. Your computer can be connected to this network with a wire, or wirelessly. The requirement is that they are on the network with the same name. Your iPad or iPhone connect to the network and are assigned a unique IP Address. Think of this as a phone number that other devices use to call your device.
Network use of custom ports
This one is a little more technical but pretty easy to explain. Each device on your network can be contacted through different ports. Ports are like extensions for a phone number. You may call the main business's phone number and then can choose who your want to speak with. OnSong uses ports 5076 and 5077 to communicate with your computer. If you have trouble connecting to Console, this requirement is the most likely cause. Some network security measures like firewalls and routers with policies may block these ports or make it difficult to get through. Kind of like a cranky receptionist meets Rambo. Please refer to the Troubleshooting Guide for help.
HTML5-compatible web browser
OnSong Connect should work with most web browsers that are in use today. Inevitably there are some who may have older versions of web browsers that do not support the web standard required to use OnSong Console. We recommend that you use a current version of one of these browsers, in order of best experience:
  • Apple Safari v7.x
  • Google Chrome v37.x
  • Mozilla Firefox v31.x
  • Internet Explorer v11.x
Javascript-enabled browsing
OnSong Console is an advanced web application that requires Javascript to operate. Make sure that you do not have Javascript disabled as that will cause Console to not start up.
OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on November 12, 2014