User Manual

Importing into iTunes

iTunes is a powerful media management program that is available for free from Apple. It is also used to manage your iOS device as well. You can use iTunes to browse and purchase music and other media from the iTunes Store, or simply use it as a media management device.

If you have tracks that you want to add as Backing Tracks in OnSong, you'll need to make sure they are in your computer's iTunes library before synchronizing them to your device, using iTunes in the Cloud, or iTunes Music Match.

To add tracks to iTunes, locate them on your computer, select in the Finder (Mac OS X) or File Explorer (Windows) and drag and drop them in the library area of iTunes. You can also do the same thing by opening the File option in the menubar and choosing Add To Library.... From here you can browse your files and select those that you want to add to iTunes.

iTunes will typically copy these files into its own library and organize the files based on the information available in the audio track file. You can change these settings by opening iTunes Preferences and selecting the Advanced tab.

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