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Backing Tracks

OnSong is not only great at displaying chord charts and music, but it can also be used in place of heavy and expensive stage equipment. This can make moving from one gig to another much easier, as well as making shows run smoother than they ever have before.

Backing tracks can be linked to each of your chord charts allowing you to play a song in an instant. Just tap or tap and hold on the Audio Live Bar Button to link or toggle audio playback. Use the Playback Menu to perform more advanced functions. You can even configure audio playback to crossfade between two playing tracks in Settings » Live Settings » Live Bar » Audio.

OnSong links to tracks that are available in the Music app of your iOS device or you can manage audio tracks inside of OnSong.

Apple Music Library

You can use iTunes technologies to transfer music and media to your device. That advantage to this is you get the full playback abilities of the built-in Music player and tracks are shared between apps. You can also playback tracks that are stored in the cloud. Learn more about linking to tracks your iTunes Music Library

Here are a few methods you can use to get music into your iTunes music library:

  • iTunes Sync is the standard way to move music files from your computer to device.
  • iTunes in the Cloud accesses iTunes tracks you have purchased on your device and allows you to play them from the cloud or download them to the device.
  • iTunes Music Match is similar to iTunes in the Cloud but allows you to submit your entire music library to iCloud for a low yearly fee. This allows all your content to be transferred to your iOS device without connecting to a computer.

Note: It's a common misconception that only music tracks that are purchased through the iTunes Music Store can be played on an iOS device. Learn more on Adding Music Tracks to iTunes.

OnSong Audio Media Library

If you don't prefer to use iTunes to manage your music, you can import backing tracks directly into your OnSong media library and manage them inside of the app. This is a great option if you don't have access to a laptop for synchronizing content.

You can learn more about importing, managing and linking to tracks in your OnSong Media Library

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