User Manual

iTunes Music Match

If you need to access any track on your computer and do not want to manually synchronize with iTunes, you can opt to use iTunes Music Match.

iTunes Music Match is an optional service that costs $24.99 USD per year. When enabled in iTunes on your computer, all your audio tracks are uploaded to iCloud in a way that makes them available on any device you own. This allows you to access all tracks such as those:

  • Purchased on iTunes
  • Downloaded from other online services
  • Ripped from CD
  • Created by you

You can learn more about setting up and enabling this service on the iTunes Music Match web site.

To enable Music Match on your device, open the Settings app from your device's home screen. Select the iTunes & App Store section on the left. On the right side, turn on the Music switch under the Show All section as well as the iTunes Match switch. This will display all the songs on your computer in your device's Music library.

These songs are streamed from iCloud when they are played. This requires an Internet connection for playback and is not recommended for live use. To download songs to your device, find them in the Music app on your device and then tap on the cloud download icon.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on November 10, 2014