User Manual


The tools menu contains library management functions that can help keep your OnSong library healthy. This menu contains the following options:

Bluetooth MIDI

Quickly reconnect Bluetooth MIDI connections that have lost power.

Reconnect Pedals

Choosing this function will disable and reenable the foot pedal system. This is useful to try in the rare event that foot pedals are disconnected or switched.

Reset Settings

This function will clear your user preferences, resetting to factory defaults. This will keep your OnSong library, but all settings you have made in the Settings screen will be reset. In addition, user interface prompts will reappear.

Remove Duplicates

This function will iterate through your OnSong library and locate songs that are duplicates for removal. Duplicates are found on song title and byline is available and the most recently modified song is kept.

Undelete Songs

When songs are deleted in OnSong, they are not immediately removed from the library. You can undelete songs you have deleted by choosing this function.

Cleanup Library

This function performs a number of tasks. It will primarily delete songs that have been marked for deletion as well as delete externally imported files associated with those songs. It also reindexes the library and optimizes for performance. Through a series of prompts, it also enables you to delete imported files that have since been converted to text.

Fix Library

In rare cases, your OnSong library may become corrupted or start to experience issues. This happens if OnSong is shut down in the middle of a database operation. This function will evaluate your database to determine if there are issues or not. Upon reporting these issues, you will have the opportunity to fix the issues. This will repair your library and close the menu when complete.

Upgrade Library

With every new version of OnSong, some changes are made to the OnSong library database file. This is performed automatically upon update, but you can opt to run through the upgrade process separately.

Delete Library

This function will delete your library. After agreeing to the prompt, the library is removed and set back to the default library. During this process, OnSong jettisons a backup of you library just in case you deleted by accident. You can restore the library by importing the last backup made to iTunes file sharing.

OnSong 1.999 — Last Updated on January 8, 2020