User Manual

Location Picker

The location picker allows you to change the location where files are to be exported. OnSong supports three general locations with the last option allowing for future expansion to web services that implement standard access protocols.

File Sharing

This option allows the user to export to file sharing. This is a special folder contained inside of the OnSong app which can be accessed through the Finder (macOS) or iTunes (Windows). This means that the file is stored on your device until it is saved off of the device on a computer.


Dropbox is a file storage service that allows you to place your important documents in the cloud. This means that they are near instantly available on all your devices, making the service a great candidate for backing up your library. Tapping on the Dropbox option allows you to select a folder in your Dropbox where you would like your files exported.


Files lets you export to a service that supports the Files app in iOS 11, formerly known as storage providers in earlier versions of iOS. When this is selected, the Files interface will be presented when you tap on the Export button in the export screen.


Some online storage services have support for open standards, allowing files to be securely stored and retrieved without individual configurations. Use this option if you would like to add an online source that supports Amazon S3, FTP or WebDAV protocols.

OnSong 1.999 — Last Updated on February 21, 2015