User Manual


The autoscroll live bar button is used to toggle autoscroll on and off. Autoscroll will automatically navigate through your song. Choose from linear or non-linear autoscrolling to meet your needs.

Tapping on the autoscroll button for the first time displays the Autoscroll Menu you can use to set the duration for linear autoscroll or record the timeline events for non-linear autoscroll.

Toggling Autoscroll

Once autoscroll has been configured, tapping on the autoscroll button starts autoscroll. Tapping on it when running will stop autoscroll. You can resume autoscroll by tapping the button again. Tap and hold on the autoscroll button to open the Autoscroll Menu to adjust parameters.

Linear Autoscroll

If you set a duration and remain on that tab, OnSong will scroll the page from the top to the bottom over the set duration. Tapping on the autoscroll button toggles When autoscroll is running, you can continue to scroll the page. Autoscroll will temporarily pause and then resume from the new scrolled position. Zooming your chord chart also will pause and recalibrate autoscroll.

Because autoscroll scrolls vertically from the top to the bottom of the song content, it may not handle changes or repeated sections in the song. You will want to combine autoscroll with Flow in order to arrange your song in a continuous piece to allow autoscroll to be more effective.

Non-Linear Autoscroll

If you record events using the timeline tab, then OnSong will playback those recorded events over the duration that you have set. In other words, if you set a duration and record a timeline, and then later adjust the duration, the timeframe of playback is adjusted accordingly.

You can continue to scroll and interact with the page, but timeline events will continue to play.

OnSong 1.999 — Last Updated on February 22, 2015