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User Manual

Help Topics Browser

The help topics browser is like a table of contents of the user manual. With this you can both search and browse.

Tap into the search bar and type a keyword. The results of found entries will be returned in the area below. By clearing the search bar the main body of the screen will return to a hierarchal list of topics.

One thing to note is that navigating the user manual by tapping on the left and right edges of the screen will flip through the contents of the help topics. So if you perform a search on "MIDI", you can flip through each topic that is found.


Tap on the arrows on the left of containing topics to reveal or hide subtopic. When a topic is found you'd like to read, tap on it to get reading.

When you've found what you are looking for, tap off of the menu to view the user manual contents.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on February 21, 2015