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Buy Accessories

When it comes time to bring OnSong on stage with you, OnSong offers products that make that transition easy. The Buy Accessories screen displays the OnSong online store. Here you can purchase:


Get everything you need in one convenient purchase. Foot pedal, mount and a t-shirt. Check.

Foot Pedals

We carry the best foot pedal on the market. with the AirTurn PED, DUO and QUAD Bluetooth foot pedals.


Right now you can get the official OnSong t-shirt but we may add some other goodies like pens or foam fingers.


Securely attach any iPad or tablet to a mic stand with the universal Manos mount from AirTurn.

Older Products

We've put a few products out to pasture, but you can still get them if you need. These GigEasy mounts work great with iPad 2, 3, and 4.

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