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User Manual

Sign In

Signing in or signing up to use OnSong is easy using Single Sign-On. Not only have we simplified signing into Your OnSong® Account, but you can also use other services to authenticate with OnSong.

Sign Into OnSong

Your OnSong® Account gives you access to features and services. Sign in with your existing OnSong® Account or create a new account.

Sign in with Apple

If you don't want to set up a new password for an OnSong® Account, you can easily sign in with your AppleID using FaceID or TouchID. OnSong will automatically use or provision an OnSong® Account for you.

Sign in with Google

If you use Google apps and workflows, you may find it easiest to sign into your Google account. Use this to sign in using your Google account that then signs you in or provisions an OnSong account for you. It even signs you into Google Drive.

Sign in with PraiseCharts

If you have a PraiseCharts account, you can quickly sign in using your account there. We even sign you into PraiseCharts for accessing your library and content. You can even sign up for a PraiseCharts Pro Access Subscription for on-demand chord charts.

If you've purchased OnSong 2020 or earlier from the App Store, you can install your purchased version if you don't want to subscribe to new versions and features.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on June 17, 2024