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User Manual


You can mark multiple songs at once when in editing mode in a list of songs. Once you've selected some songs, you can tap on the Mark button in the editing toolbar. This reveals the following list of standard icons:

  • None removes any icon that has already been associated with selected songs.
  • Star marks each song with a gold star.
  • Flag marks each song with a red flag.
  • Arrow marks each song with a purple arrow that points to the right.
  • Dot marks each song with a teal dot.
  • Checkmark marks each song with a checkmark.
  • Heart marks each song with a red heart.
  • Custom marks the selected song(s) with a custom icon by opening the Icon Chooser.
  • Cancel will cancel the marking action if not presented in a popover menu.

This provides a fast way to mark songs. For more customization such as the color of each icon, you can use the Organizer Menu

OnSong 2022 — Last Updated on April 19, 2021