User Manual


The networking live bar button is used to toggle wireless networking on and off in OnSong. Wireless networking allows your device to be discovered by other OnSong peers for sharing songs and sets, or remote controlling your device using OnCue or OnSong Connect.

Tap on the networking button to toggle networking off and on. This does not change your WiFi or Bluetooth status, only the visibility of your device on the ad-hoc, peer to peer OnCue or OnSong network.

In addition, you can temporarily turn off sharing of your content with this button. For instance, if you are the leader of an OnSong Connect session, and want to look up another song, you can disable networking and preview other songs. When you are ready to start streaming again, tap on this icon to resume.

Tap and hold on the button to open the Wireless Sharing Screen. From there you can choose peers to share content with as well as set up an OnCue streaming session.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on March 3, 2016