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User Manual


The wireless sharing screen displays nearby devices that are running OnSong. While all devices are checked by default, you can check or uncheck devices to receive the currently loaded song or set.

Tap on the Share button in the upper right. You will be prompted before the set is sent. Recipients will receive a prompt inside of OnSong asking if they would like to receive the set. They can accept or decline the song or set. Transferred songs and sets will appear the same as they do on the source device with styles, transposition, annotations, etc.

You can also set up an OnCue streaming session by toggling the "Enable OnCue wireless streaming" switch on the bottom. This will invite the selected devices to join the wireless streaming session for you to control the display on their devices.

Lastly, the refresh button in the lower right corner will refresh the list of devices by disconnecting you from the ad-hoc network and then reestablish that connection after a brief delay.

When you are all done, tap on the Close button in the upper right corner.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on October 23, 2014