User Manual


OnCue streaming allows one device running OnSong to control multiple devices. This is performed by each device creating and maintaining a peer-to-peer, ad-hoc network using iOS wirelessly sharing protocols.

You can start an OnCue streaming session by either opening the Wireless Sharing Screen and turning on the OnCue switch at the bottom, or by choosing the Start OnCue option in the Share Menu. This will invite users on other devices through a prompt to join the session.

Once enabled, the songs you view and any other actions such as navigation, autoscroll, and song style changes will be sent to the other devices automatically. Depending on your network speed and reliability, this may take a second or two to send. If a follower views a different song in their library, the navigational commands will not take place.

OnCue will send the content as it appears on the leader's device. Followers in the OnCue stream can opt to turn on a setting to allow their version of a song to be used instead. This can be found in Settings Live Settings Live Bar Network Settings.

Both streaming and beaming content in OnSong may experience connection issues due to how wireless sharing is implemented in iOS. Please review the About section to find ways to accomplish a reliable connection.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on February 21, 2015