User Manual

Recording Options

Timeline records the most common actions that you perform like changing the scroll position of a song, selected sections, linear autoscroll and more. But in some cases you may not want to record certain actions. The recording options screen lets you toggle those actions on and off when you record.

  • Change Scroll Position determines if swiping or tapping to scroll are recorded. You may choose to disable this if you are recording section selections to perform scrolling instead.
  • Change Section determines if section selections are recorded. You may choose to turn this off if linear autoscroll is handling automatic selection of sections.
  • Send Messages determines if messages should be recorded. You may want to turn this off if you want to handle sending messages manually when played back.
  • Toggle Audio determines if backing tracks being played, paused or stopped are recorded.
  • Toggle Autoscroll determines if linear autoscroll is recorded. You may turn this off if you want autoscroll to record position changes automatically.
  • Toggle Metronome determines if starting or stopping the metronome is recorded. You may disable this if you use the metronome for recording purposes but do not want it recorded in the timeline.
  • Zoom determines if zooming in and out of the document should be recorded to the timeline.
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