User Manual

MacOS App

This is so much more than just a feature of OnSong, it's a whole new app! You can now download OnSong 2022 on any Mac running Big Sur or newer. This includes both Intel-based and Apple Silicon M-series Macs. While we've worked hard to maintain the same familiar user experience, some things have been changed to make OnSong work its best on the desktop.

When you launch an application on a Mac, it appears in a window and has an associated menu that appears at the top of the screen. OnSong is no different. Learn about menu options as well as keyboard shortcuts.

Windowed Interface

The main OnSong window displays the familiar chord chart, but also maintains the familiar menubar at the top of the window. You can make this window nearly any size, or use the window controls to go full screen. In addition, Lyrics Projection and Stage Monitor are also handled with windows that can be opened and closed using the Window Menu. You can move these to external displays and enable fullscreen.


Mac laptops and workstations don't have multitouch screens. However these touch gestures translate fluidly into scroll and swipe gestures available on the trackpad and mouse. For instance, use the scroll gesture or scroll wheel to navigate lists or two-finger swipe on the trackpad to swipe through songs. You can also click on the screen to navigate the song viewer just as easily.

Context Menus

We've added context menus throughout OnSong to let you perform actions on item. In iOS/iPadOS, you can view context menus by tapping and holding on an item. In macOS, you can right click or CTRL+click to show the context menu.

Keyboard Shortcuts

On the Mac, the keyboard and trackpad/mouse are the preferred user input device. We've worked to add intuitive keyboard shortcuts to OnSong to make using it with the Mac even faster.

Not Supported

The Mac version of OnSong uses Mac Catalyst to bring the power of our iOS/iPadOS app to the Mac for the first time. But that doesn't mean that everything available in the iOS/iPadOS app is available within the Mac version. This is usually because the Mac does not support the option, or because a framework that we use has not been updated to work on a Mac.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on March 23, 2022