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Restrictions prevent certain actions from being performed on a song. This is essential for distributing music you write to ensure that your intellectual property is protected. You can list these restrictions by name in a comma-delimited list as a metatag. For instance:

Restrictions: Print, Export, Distribute

The following are actions that can be set as a restriction. To remove restrictions, you can't just remove the metatag. Instead, set it to None. Also, if you want to prevent other users from changing your restrictions, add the Rights restriction as well.

  • None removes restrictions from the metadata section. If selected, all other check marked restrictions are unchecked.
  • Edit prevents the song from being edited.
  • Print prevents the song from being printed.
  • Export prevents OnSong from exporting the file.
  • Share prevents the OnSong user from sharing the file in any manner.
  • Email prevents the song from being transferred via email.
  • Upload prevents the song from being uploaded to a remote server.
  • Project prevents the song from being displayed in lyrics projection.
  • Distribute prevents the song from being distributed to other sources.
  • Photocopy prevents the device's screen from being photocopied or screen captured.
  • Rights prevents further rights and restrictions from being set.
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