User Manual

iRig Blueboard

iRig BlueBoard is the first wireless MIDI pedalboard that allows you to control your music apps and more from the floor.

The iRig BlueBoard features four backlit soft-touch pads housed in a sturdy, a stage-worthy chassis, two TRS expansion jacks for connecting additional MIDI controllers like expression pedals and it's powered by four standard AAA batteries.

If you have a newer Blueboard or have upgraded to the latest firmware, you can also place your iRig Blueboard into Bluetooth MIDI mode. This will let you directly connect the Blueboard to OnSong instead of requiring the use of the Blueboard app on your device.

To use iRig Blueboard with OnSong, you will need to purchase the MIDI Integration Add-On and configure actions in the MIDI Triggers screen.

OnSong 2022 — Last Updated on December 13, 2017