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User Manual

AirTurn Quad

The AirTurn QUAD takes the AirTurn DUO and adds two mode pedals for musicians that need more on the floor. It features:

  • An all-new module design with advanced Bluetooth electronics that will never leave you hanging.
  • Crafted from military-grade plastics that never break.
  • Non-mechanical switch design that will outlast you.
  • Completely silent operation making them a perfect addition to the recording studio.
  • Rechargeable Litium-Ion battery for a lifetime of use without the environmental waste.
  • Modular design that allows you to use various pedal types to suit any need.
  • Detachable module with membrane switches that can be used in hand-held applications.

You can configure the AirTurn QUAD using the Foot Pedal Setup screen to set one of more than 50 actions to each of the QUAD's four pedals.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on December 13, 2017