User Manual


Many musicians have already discovered the flexibility of hands-free control of their iPads during practice and performance. OnSong now supports Flic – Bluetooth smart buttons that you can stick anywhere. Place Flic on the ends of your keyboard, or on the body of your guitar... anywhere you want to reach to trigger one of the may actions in OnSong.

Original Flic

Use the original Flic smart button with OnSong to assign any of OnSong's hundreds of actions. Since Flic supports single click, double click and press and hold gestures, you can assign up to three different actions per button.

Flic 2

The latest smart button is now available with the Flic 2 and can be paired directly within OnSong. Each Flic 2 can support up to three actions (single click, double click, and click and hold) and is completely customizable with OnSong's powerful actions menu.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on April 3, 2021