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User Manual


Most musicians we talk to are involved in more than one band or team. Sometimes it's hard to keep things straight like which songs you play with your friends when jamming and then ones you practice in the garage with the band. You may also play in church on Sunday morning and really don't want to accidental pick Stairway to Heaven to start off your worship set.

OnSong is designed to help you stay organized and one of the best tools for that job is called books. Books place your songs into various collections allowing you to focus on one set of songs at a time. Even when you are picking sets those books help you use just the right songs for the event you are playing.

To create books, open the Songs Menu and tap on the Books Button in the upper left corner when you have the All Songs tab selected. From here, you can create books, add songs to books, and more.

Of course you can always view your entire library at one glance by choosing to view All Songs. For those of you who like everything to be in its place, you can also view Unbound Songs to see songs that have not been added to a book yet.

When you are Pulling Songs for a set, OnSong will first prompt you to pick a book to limit the songs that you are picking. Pretty handy right?

OnSong 2020.8 — Last Updated on November 10, 2014