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User Manual

Text Tools

The text tools palette is used to perform operations on the text content of the song. This can help you change text quickly or switch and fix chord formatting.

Search and Replace

This section of the text tools palette is used to search and replace text in the Song Editor. This is useful for replacing words or chords when using bracketed chords. For instance, you can change all instances of [A4] to [Asus4].

To use, type the search value in the first field and the replace value in the second field. Then press the Perform Search/Replace button to perform the operation.

Chord Format

This section includes toggle buttons that allow you to switch between the two supported formats. If there are any square brackets located in the song content, the Bracketed Chords button is selected. Otherwise the Chords Over Lyrics button is selected. Press the opposite button to reformat the text content into the desired chord format.

It is useful to switch the bracketed chords when splitting or combining lines. This is because the chords will travel with the lyrics in this case. You can then switch to chords over lyrics if you would like to position chords in a more visual manner.

Fix Spaces

This section provides a single-use tool for correcting issues that may occur when converting text from a word processor. You may find that chords are pushed to the right and beyond the lyrics they used to reside over. This is due to variable-width fonts that require many more space characters to align chords above lyrics.

Press the Fix Alignment Spaces button to have chords detected and the space between the chords reduced by a specific amount. This usually will align the chords very close to their original positions when viewed in a word processor or printed. From there you can more easily adjust the chord positions.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on December 10, 2019