User Manual

Registration Screen

Our customers are important to us. Our goal at OnSong is to build an app that meets the needs of musicians worldwide. The most important component of any relationship is communication. That's why we request you to register OnSong. Provide your full name and email address so that we can keep in touch.

What Will I Receive and How Often?

OnSong sends an email when there are major updates to the app so you know it's time to update. We typically include video tutorial on new features as well as special deals on products that work great with OnSong. These emails are typically sent once per month and we try very hard to not be annoying.

Am I Signing Up For Spam?

No. Our goal with registered users is to help you make the most out of OnSong and your iPad or iPhone on stage. This is used to communicate important news and updates about our software. We may also send information from companies that have related products that you may be interested in. For instance, if a new product comes to market that works with OnSong, we want to keep you in the loop. You can always unsubscribe from these emails at any time by clicking on a link in the footer of the email.

Are You Going To Sell My Information?

No. We don't like when people do that to us, and we refused to do that to you. Any email that is sent will be coming from OnSong. Again, we may let you know about third-party products, but only ones that we think are worth the cost of postage, so to speak.

What If I Don't Register?

No problem. Registration is completely optional and doesn't effect the operation of OnSong. If you want to prevent the registration screen from opening, you can turn this off at the bottom of the Getting Started screen. You can get to this screen by tapping on the Maybe Later link.

OnSong 1.999 — Last Updated on October 27, 2014