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Known Compatibility Issues

The following are issues that our team is aware of that could effect you if you update to the latest version of an operating system.

Fixed an issue where the launch screen shows as narrow and tall on the left side under iPadOS16.

If you shut down OnSong completely and launch, the launch splash screen with the logo appears narrow and tall on the left side of the screen instead of filling the appropriate screen size.

iPadOS 16 Springboard crashes when attaching to external video using AirPlay or wired video adapter.

When running the latest beta version of iPadOS 16, connecting to an external video device via AirPlay or a wired video adapter will cause the springboard to crash when OnSong is launched or if it is running when the video is attached. This appears to be a flaw in the external video implementation in iPadOS 16 likely due to how stage manager changes the use of external screens. We have reached out to Apple for technical assistance and to report the crash.

This does not effect iOS 16 on iPhones or iPod touch.
This does not effect OnSong 2020 since we only use the modern scenes pattern for newer versions.

macOS Ventura cuts off the bottom of the External Video menu resulting in additional scrolling.

It appears that the sizing of the user interface components are not expanding to the popover in macOS Ventura. This results in the user interface appearing in a shortened height inside of a taller popover menu.

macOS Ventura does not appear to properly resize table rows to contain longer titles resulting in overlap.

This appears in the attachments menu when importing content that has longer attachment names. The user interface becomes jumbled, but usable.

macOS Ventura shows a thick border on the right side of the Chord Diagram Editor.

There appears to be an issue calculating position of the scrollviews in this user interface element that results in the chord diagram list on the left being narrower and extra space visible on the right side when viewing in macOS Ventura.