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The drawer is where you manage the way your library is organized. From here you can view collections, books, sets, and how to view your library using various attributes.


Collections are the most common way that you'll view your library. Typically you'll want to view all the songs in your library, or be able to organize your library into books. Books let you move certain songs into custom collections. For instance, you may want to make a book for a band you play with, or you may want to organize by genre or when you might play those songs.

  • All Songs is a permanent collection that always contains all the songs in your library that you have access to.
  • Unbound Songs is a collection that displays all songs in your library that have not yet been placed into a book.
  • Books lets you manage books in your library. Books let you organize your library by adding songs to books your create.


Sets are created for when you are playing through a list of songs for a specific venue or event. For instance, if you're playing a coffeehouse Friday evening, or a church service Sunday morning, you should use a set. Sets let you pick songs and place them in a specific order.

  • Active Sets is where you can view your current and active sets. Tap here to view active sets or create new ones for the events you are playing.
  • Archived Sets are sets that have been performed in the past and have been archived.
  • Folders let you organize sets. You may want to create a folder for a specific venue, or a specific band to keep your sets separated.


Templates let you create songs as boilerplates for writing new songs.

  • Song Templates are songs that are not viewable in the rest of your library and instead are used to create new songs.


Songs in your library have various attributes such as key, artist, or tempo. Here you can browse your library in various ways.

  • Artists let you browse your songs by artist.
  • Key Types let you browse your songs by the attachment type like PDF or Word.
  • Keys let you browse your songs by the transposed key.
  • Providers let you browse your songs by the content provider that was used to import the file.
  • Tempo lets you browse your songs by various tempo ranges.
  • Topics let you browse songs by saved search or keywords.
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