User Manual

By Artist

You can browse artists that are in your song library selecting the Artists attribute in the drawer. This displays artists in rows with the quantity shown on the right. Tap on the name of the artist to view songs by that artist. If you have songs that do not have an artist assigned, they are listed under the None option.

Sorting Artists

While the list of artists is sorted in alphabetic order by default, you can tap on the sort button in the lower right corner to sort the list by quantity of songs. This will place artists with the most songs at the top of the list.

Deleting Artists

You can swipe right to left and delete the artist. This will also delete any songs by that artist following an additional prompt.

Adding Songs

The + button on the lower right allows you to Add Songs. Songs are not added to the particular artist. The + button is added for continuity in the user interface.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on March 22, 2022