User Manual


Choosing the share's print option opens the Print Preview Screen. This provides a number of tools to customize the print job before sending it to a printer, or to another app or location. This screen features:

Share Button

This button appears to the right of the print button and allows you to share the songs to another app or system service instead of printing it.

When you are ready to print, tap on the Print button in the upper right. A menu will appear allowing you to select your printer and the number of copies to print.

The majority of the screen is the print preview. OnSong generates a PDF file for the print job and this is displayed in this area. Scroll down through the output.

In the lower left corner appears the print mode button. Tap on this button to toggle between the default mode of printing chord charts and the secondary mode of printing a song list. Print Options change depending on the mode selected.

Font Scale Slider

The bottom center of the print preview screen contains a slider which is used to adjust the size of outputted fonts to better fit the output to pages. Slide this to the left or right to shrink or enlarge the font. You can also tap on the icons on the left and right to adjust the scale by 1%.

This menu allows you to configure what to include in the printout, paper size, and margins, as well as multi-page functions to conserve paper by printing many pages on one sheet.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on September 12, 2018