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User Manual


Widgets are self-contained user interfaces that you can place on your screen. This tab lets you toggle those widgets on and off in one place.

Chord Diagrams

Chord diagrams are a great way to learn a song and OnSong has the ability to put them on your chord chart. This widget lets you keep them on the screen and change as you view different parts of your song.


The clock widget lets you place a large clock on your screen so you can easily see the time for managing your stage presence.


Flow is how you play through the song. With the flow widget, you can see the natural structure of the song and tap on those components to navigate to those sections. It even works with most PDF files!

Lyrics Preview

When you're in front of the audience or congregation, you may need to display lyrics for people to sing along. You can do that all from one app and with the lyrics preview widget, see what everyone else sees.


Take control of your music with the mixer widget. Now with multitracks, you can control the whole mix without a degree in audio engineering.


Show a large timer for knowing how long you've spent on your set or specific song.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on June 10, 2024