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User Manual

Spotify Library

The Spotify Library screen let's you link Spotify tracks to your song in OnSong. You can access saved songs as well as followed artists in Your Music. You can also search the entire Spotify music catalog by song title, artist or album.


If you haven't signed in yet, you'll either be prompted with a Spotify login screen inside of OnSong, or if you have the Spotify app installed on your device, you'll be redirected to the app for automatic authentication.

If you don't have a Spotify account, you can create one at spotify.com or by signing in with Facebook on the Login Screen.

Spotify Library

Once you've authenticated into your Spotify account, you'll see the following tabs to access Spotify tracks:

  • Playlists browses for songs in all the playlists that you've created in Spotify.

  • Songs views all of the tracks that you've saved to Your Music under your Spotify account.

  • Artists displays all artists that you are following.

  • Albums shows albums that you have saved to Your Music under your Spotify account.

  • Search allows you to search for tracks by track, artist or album.

Note: You can tap on the close button in the upper right corner to close this screen at anytime.

Audio Playback

Newer versions of OnSong use the latest version of the Spotify SDK which has changed how audio playback is performed. Instead of being played inside of the host app, in this case OnSong, the audio is played through the Spotify app through a remote-control process. Due to limitations in the SDK, this can require the Spotify app to be opened before playback begins to ensure authentication and that the app is ready to play audio.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on December 28, 2020