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Apple Music Library

OnSong can link chord charts in your OnSong library to audio tracks in your iTunes Music Library on your device. You can browse your iTunes Music Library using the built-in Music app from your device's home screen. Apple provides tools and services to help you get your music onto your device.


In the days of the iPod music player as well as the first iPhone devices, you put music on your device using iTunes. iTunes is free software that was required to instantiate and manage your device. Since that time, Apple has moved away from requiring you to connect your device to a Mac or PC, making the iPad and iPhones standalone products.


Most users who purchase iPad or iPhone are familiar with iTunes. In fact, the App Store is an extension of the iTunes store which sells apps instead of music, videos, and more. The iTunes application not only acts as media management software, but also as a portal to this large ecosystem of music, TV shows, movies and of course apps.


That being said, there's a misconception that you need to purchase content from iTunes in order to use it on your iPad or iPhone. You can use iTunes to manage your own audio tracks or tracks from other vendors such as Amazon. However, Apple has made it very easy and convenient to purchase music legally through their iTunes store which is why many believe that is the only way.

Transferring Music

There are a few ways to get music onto your iPad or iPhone. The first and original way is to plug your device into a computer running iTunes. Next, add music in your iTunes library. Remember that you can do this either by purchasing content on the iTunes store, using software that bounces or adds tracks to iTunes (such as GarageBand), or by simply dragging MP3, AAC or other supported file formats into the iTunes window.

iTunes sorts and manages your tracks from any source. You can then use choose your device from the iTunes user interface and synchronize or "Apply" your music to the device. Learn more about adding, importing and converting music using iTunes

Music in the Cloud

With the advent of iCloud, Apple has made getting music to play on your device even easier with iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Music Match. These services allow you to access your music on your device without having the music physically stored on the device. For most people this is convenient because their music collections are large, not always listened to, and would take up significant space on their device.

While OnSong can play music from iCloud, there may be a delay as the song is streamed and buffered for playback. Make sure that you download music for live performances to your device before playing. That will ensure that network problems do not inhibit your performance and provides for smoother and immediate playback of your audio. Learn more about iTunes in the Cloud

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