User Manual

Typeahead Search

Finding what you're looking for quickly is paramount when you are performing live. OnSong's typeahead search feature helps get you to your content fast. Because your library is stored locally, there's no delay when browsing or search your library, even with thousands of songs! This method of search is found throughout OnSong too whether you are search sets, settings, etc.

The search bar appears in various places throughout the app and is prominently located at the top of the screen right below the main navigation bar. The search bar remains constant so you need need to scroll to find it. Tap into the field and start typing to begin searching. OnSong will start searching the title of songs for the text you type. Type up to three characters and OnSong will search for songs that begin with what you type. So if you want to find songs that start with "T", just type "T". If you want to find songs that start with "Th", you can type that too. If you type more than three characters, OnSong will locate songs where the title contains what you type. So if you type "Love", you'll see "Can You Feel The Love Tonight".

If no results are found using this method, or if you press the Search or Return keys on your keyboard, OnSong will perform a full-text search. This means that OnSong will find songs where the lyrics or metadata contain the search term.

The results are displayed with the search term underlined in the list.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on August 29, 2022