User Manual

Performance Pack

It's the little things that make a big difference when you're on stage. OnSong is more than a document reader for musicians. It has the features you need and the performance required for live music. Check out some of the features below that together make for a great experience.


Once your music is digital, you no longer have to worry about turning pages! Autoscroll turns your device into a teleprompter-like experience to scroll down your song and even through your entire set. You just set a duration for the song and let it roll. Of course if you need finer control you can always use Timeline.


Once your song is autoscrolling, you may find that you want to repeat certain sections of the song. Instead of changing the song by copying and pasting, flow lets you dictate the arrangement or layout of the song. Just add a flow tag to repeat sections of your song and turn it on and off as needed.

Heads-Up Display

When you switch songs in OnSong, the menubar shows you the name of the song. While that's handy, it can do so much more. Just swipe to the left or right over the name of the song for different views of information you care about like sets, timers, or audio playback control.

Quick Pick

While many musicians pull their sets before stepping on the stage, you may want to take requests. The Quick Pick feature of OnSong lets you tap the name of the song in the menubar and immediately prompts you to start typing. Type a few letters of the song title or artist name and tap to add the song to your set list.


Communicating with the band can always be tricky and you make have developed hand signals or vocal inflections to try to guide your fellow musicians. OnSong lets you flash messages on each participant's screen with color and text to communicate effectively on stage. Combine with foot pedals or Timeline and never lift a finger.


Organizing your event is more than just songs. Moments lets you insert additional items on your set list to turn it into a run sheet for your event. You can even specify the amount of time for each song and moment to help you organize your event and keep everyone on track.

Pitch Pipe

If you're singing an a cappella piece, you may need a reminder of the pitches to sing. OnSong lets you assign an action to play the pitch. By default, this plays the notes of the song key, but you can customize the notes and octave of those notes for more advanced songs.


With OnSong you can automate the entire song. Scroll the page, select sections for lyrics projection, trigger actions, or coordinate MIDI devices all in one timed sequence that's saved with the song.


You may want to view a specific section of the song sheet. Zoom and position your song and then use the viewport feature to save the initial view for the song to be recalled when the song loads.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on November 12, 2020